Letter: Pickleball nation under siege

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in response to an article that appears in your paper Dec. 20 paper on page 9 entitled, “Pickleball seniors don’t like price hike.” This is partially true we seniors don’t like it but neither do the non-seniors.

I found it rather amusing that the parks and rec commissioner used math examples to justify the increase. I was a salesman and when it was review time, I could make my numbers look awesome with a few simple “look at the % gain from last year, etc” comments.

There are a couple of references made by Mr. Kearns that I would like to address. First off, your 400% increase today or in 2021 is still 400%. Giving us time to prepare for the increase is a ludicrous statement. Let’s assume cost of living is 2.5 for the next three years and the avg. Soc Sec. payment to a senior is $2,000. I get a net increase of approximately $18. Thank you, Mr. Kearns for letting us prepare! We can also do that math for working individuals. This type of explanation does not work. His other argument of the benefits of moving up to an upgraded membership is also a fallacy. If we wanted a gym membership, we would have applied for said membership.

Finally, I ask you to show me what you have spent on pickleball because we bought all the equipment, including the practice machine, and we painted and/or taped the outside courts without any help from parks and rec or labor cost!

Ronald Giustino

Ridgefield, Dec. 23