Letter: Pickleball fee increase adversely impacts fixed-income seniors

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the article entitled “Pickleball Seniors Don’t Like Price Hike,” in the Dec. 20 Press. The article does not address the issue that pickleball players have with the fee increase. There are three main reasons why it is unjust.

First, the players want pickleball to remain with the basketball recreation membership. Anyone who is interested in the wellness portion can opt to have full membership; the vast majority of us don’t.

Second, there are no new resources, or any resources period from Parks and Rec, that are being used for pickleball. Players supply all equipment and do their own set up for play. We purchase new balls, nets, etc. as needed. Our fund-raisers have also donated $7,500 for improvements at Yanity and $1,200 for a pickleball practice machine.

The third reason is that the allotted times, while looking generous on paper, are deceptive. We frequently lose sessions due to any school closures, half days, early dismissals, summer camp, tennis lessons being moved indoors due to rain, and so on. It’s doubtful that most of us play 130 times a year, as the article said.

In conclusion, please put our membership back where it belongs — with basketball. There doesn’t seem to be a valid reason not to, and it will affect over 200 people, most of whom are on fixed incomes.

Margot Ingrassia

Silver Spring Park, Dec. 23