Letter: Pickleball cost controversy

To the Editor:
It is refreshing to see that the Parks and Recreation Commission and the pickleball community is having open dialogue with both sides offering facts and ideas that will eventually lead to a solution that both sides will be satisfied with.
Commissioner Carey stated in the April 11th article that “We absolutely want pickleball here, we want pickleball to continue.” The commissioners also stated that they hoped that the pickleballers would form a committee of players that could would work with the town.
When this happens, I would like to offer a point of discussion being that the two sides discuss instituting Silvers Sneakers and other similar programs offered by most Medicare supplement programs. I have Personally taken advantage of Silver Sneakers at both the Wilton YMCA and the Brookfield YMCA at no cost to me. The YMCA gets paid a fair compensation for each visit. I also know that L.A. Fitness offers Silver Sneakers as well even though they don’t offer pickleball.
My research of Medicare plans and Silver Sneakers offering are as follows: Plan Silver Sneakers: Other; Aetna: Yes; Anthem: Yes; Connecticare: Yes; Humana Yes; Wellcare: Yes; United Healthcare Renew: Active .
I know that this is not the total solution but it would be a solution for most seniors that make up a large majority of the pickleball players ranks. This would be a win-win for both sides where the rec center would receive fair compensation for each visit for each eligible player and the seniors would feel welcomed and comfortable as they age in place in the community.
Joseph Mikalavicius
Bruschi Lane, May 2