Letter: Pickleball at the rec center

To the Editor:

There is some fuzzy math in the calculations posted in this article. The calculations are based on pickleball being played indoors for 12 months of the year when in fact it is played outdoors for at least six months of the year. So, you can take these calculations for play per session and double them to $6.64 per session and essentially the membership cost of $432 per year doubles to $864 per year or $72 per month.

I have played at the rec center and the conditions are dismal. When I played there, they only allowed two courts with about 30 people showing up to play so during the allowed play time you only play about a third as much as you thought you would. Besides, when the schools are closed for any reason, the seniors have to relinquish their pickleball time so that the youth can use the facility. The lighting is also terrible and we have to contend with basketball backboards and rims getting in the way of some of the shots.

Pickleball players are passionate about playing pickleball and could care less about the pool, sauna, steam room and unlimited fitness programs. All they want to do is play pickleball and leave. I don’t think anyone even uses the showers. Imposing the wellness package is forcing us to buy something that we would never use. How about offering a basic pickleball membership and giving us the option to pay a drop-in fee if we want to use the pool, sauna, etc.

As pickleball ball grows in popularity so do the opportunities to play. Some of the surrounding towns offer free membership via SilverSneakers to play in their facilities, plus use their other amenities. I, for one, will take advantage of these opportunities rather than being forced into buying something that I don’t want and feel like I’m being ripped off. I urge other pickleballers to do the same.

Joseph Mikalavicius

Ridgefield, Dec. 31