Letter: People responsible for field fire should atone for their actions

To the Editor:
I read with astonishment the story of the field fire in last week’s Press and all I could say was, “Are you kidding me? How dumb do you think we are?”
According to the article, 75-100 people witnessed the incident yet nobody knows who is responsible. How does that happen?
Mr. Marconi stated he does not believe a town employee was involved. Well, that’s good. So the town is not responsible and should not have to pay a dime for the cleanup of this debacle.
If this was the practice “50-60 years ago,” there’s a good chance a kid was not involved. Even if a kid did come up with this (seemingly) “plausible” idea, there were adults there who should have known better! All you had to have is common sense and/or one chemistry class to know this was not a good idea! Who do we have coaching these kids? It sure as heck doesn’t seem to be anyone who thinks outside the ballfield.
As far as those who “thought” it was a bad idea but didn’t step in to stop it ... Shame on you! Talk about a bunch of sheep. Maybe their rightful place is up with our resident camel.
Last but not least, the statement by a player” “This whole situation is distracting ... from our main objective ... to have fun and play ball.” Seriously? I think your main objective, in this case, is for the people who are responsible for this fiasco to take charge and atone for their actions. That, Mr. Marconi, is a “teachable moment!”
Kathy Burgoon
Sugar Maple, April 13