Letter: Party of corruption

To the Editor:

I find it funny how the Democratic Party says they are for protecting the citizens of this country when in fact they seem to do the opposite. These leaders make you believe what they are doing is in your best interest. How can they say that, when in good faith the truth tells a different story?

They accused Trump of collusion with the Russians, used a false dossier to open a warrant to spy on him, his family and friends, all for political gain. They audited people who were supporters of an opposite party, they even stole the nomination from Bernie. They even protected a soon-to-be felon known as Hillary.

The evidence is overwhelming and the Democrats are doing everything in their power to hide the truth.

That’s why when Trump won the election they needed to go into defense mode by accusing him of all the crimes of collusion etc.

See unfortunately most politicians are lawyers and they know a good way to obstruct the truth is to go on the offensive and accuse the other person of all sorts of things, which makes them have to spend all their time trying to disprove them, Which then distracts everyone from the real issues.

This investigation has not only wasted our tax dollars but it really shows how corrupt our system is. Democrats used the FBI to spy, leak classified information to smear a candidate, destroy government property by smashing the devices, deleting emails, working with the Russians giving our uranium away, and not protecting classified information. Comey even gave Hillary a pass without even interviewing her. High taxes even drove too many companies from our state.

Now they want to allow illegal aliens to vote. How are they good for America?

Eric Horsa

Langstroth Drive, Jan. 29