Letter: Parks and Recreation wants to help pickleball community

To the Editor:
There are opinions written in the news about the Ridgefield Pickleball fees. The fees were raised, the pickleball community made objections to the amount the fees were raised, the Ridgefield Parks and Recreation directors and board members open the doors to hear the complaints and followed up with lowering the fees. They are still looking at ways to help the pickleball community to enjoy the games and devise payments appropriate to the usage of the facilities while considering the income of the seniors that reside in town.
In addition to their openness to work with the pickleball community, the Ridgefield Parks and Recreation have provided countless improvements that have enhanced the pickleball games. There are too many to include in this letter, but you can read Janice Pauly's December email depicting these contributions the center has made. This demonstrates a great deal of concern the recreation directors have for the pickleball community and the members.
In support of the pickleball community, they have also done their part in contributing to their community of players. These contributions are also too many to list in this letter but have been mentioned in other letters written to the paper. This community of players have gone over and above what most communities do to support their local sports and should be recognized for this.
While in support of both sides who contribute greatly to the enjoyment of the Ridgefield pickleball games, we should first and foremost acknowledge each other for these contributions and the members should deal with issues, when they arise, in ways that promote respectful and productive interactions.
Mona Thorpe
Abbott Avenue, Jan. 27