Letter: Parking problems persist all over town

To the Editor:

There are creeps and decent people in the world.

I left Dimitri’s Diner here in Ridgefield after my breakfast to find my car almost impossible to enter.

An SUV with N.Y. plates just parked anywhere.

Lines? Who needs lines or bothers to be considerate?

I asked in the diner who might have the car. A lovely group of women and the owner helped.

One woman climbed across the seat to start and move my car.

With my hip limitations (new one), it was impossible for me to get into my car.

Police said there was nothing they could do. I had called non-emergency number requesting assistance — nothing.

When you park, please be considerate of others.

Even though we are Americans and think the world is ours, media alert: it isn’t!

I wish Parking Authority answered their phone. This guy deserves at least a ticket.

Hope the camels are on their way now.

Margaret McKitty

Ridgefield, April 7