Letter: Parking at Ballard Green is handicapped only

To the Editor:

We are so thankful in town to have the CHIRP concerts every Tuesday and Thursday nights in the park.

Unfortunately, it has become necessary to mention the parking at Ballard Green.

What many do not understand, is that Ballard Green is private property and the parking is restricted to the concert attendees that are handicapped only. The residents of Ballard Green, their caregivers and family have been challenged in recent weeks to park at their own home during the concerts.

The parking is still available next to the greenhouse and the 15 handicap spots in the Ballard Green parking. Once those spaces are gone, there is no other parking. One of residents likened this to parking in someone’s driveway and expecting that this is OK.

Thank you for understanding the dilemma that this poses at the concert for our residents and appreciated minding this request.

Jan Hebert

Commissioner, Ridgefield Housing Authority