Letter: Outrage over school walkout is undeserved and misguided

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the Ridgefield residents who have expressed outrage at the town and school for supporting the student walkout in honor of the Columbine High School massacre that took place on April 19, 1999. Students from an estimated 2,700 schools nationwide held walkouts to continue to send a clear message: that they have had enough.

Enough of schools that are designed like prisons with bulletproof glass, armed security guards and lockdown drills.

Enough of waiting for adults to protect them from active shooters with assault weapons.

Enough to politicians pocketing millions of dollars in donations from the NRA and gun lobby, and selling their young lives for $1.05 each.

Enough that according to the CDC, in the last 17 years more children have been killed by guns (7,460) than U.S. soldiers killed in combat (6,929)

Enough to Congress and State Legislatures for not instituting universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons, high capacity magazines and bump stocks, not implementing a minimum age of 21 on all firearm purchases and longer waiting periods between gun purchases and transfers, and not allowing families to petition the court to remove guns from individuals at risk of injuring themselves or others (extreme risk protection order).

What is next? Four million of the high school seniors will turn 18 years old before the midterm elections in November. One goal is to get them registered to vote (as was done at the RHS walkout) and educate them how to vote by absentee ballots if they are away from their hometowns.

Rather than demean the next generation, it is our responsibility to support them. I hope Ridgefielders will stand together and support our children and grandchildren who are sending a clear message that they are “Marching to Save Our Lives.”

Gail Lehmann

Danbury Road, April 23