Letter: On taking a knee

To the Editor:

I go to a sporting event, or a movie to be entertained. I do not show up or tune in to observe, or be a passive participant by serving as an audience to a protest or demonstration.

If I wanted to be involved in protests I would show up at the serious demonstrations and watch communities being burned, stores being looted, and truck drivers being pulled from their cabs and beaten with concrete blocks, all in the name of seeking social justice.

When I tune in to NFL protests I see athletes who make an income most Americans can only dream about. In spite of their phenomenal salaries and stardom I watch them disparage the symbols of a country that makes their success possible.

When athletes put on a uniform and display themselves at a stadium they are using their celebrity and the NFL to advance their cause. Can you imagine police men and women in uniform appearing in public to promote the Second Amendment, or one side or the other of abortion issue? When in uniform your personal rights change because you are speaking for the organization, not just yourself.

If these NFL players have a problem with police brutality, suppression of black people, or any other social issue they should take off their uniforms, take some of their wealth, rent a facility, and put on a weekly demonstration to advance their cause. If they did this I could make a decision to participate, or not. I could tune it in, or tune it out. At least I would not be held hostage and feel I had to tolerate what I believe is offensive behavior in order to watch a football game and seek relief from the drumbeat of politics, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction that seems to permeate our society.

Doug Kenny

Florida Hill Road, Oct. 5