Letter: Old Branchville Road needs double yellow lines again!

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, May 15, I was driving on Old Branchville Road (where I live), and a car was approaching me from the opposite side. It looked like it was coming too close to mine, and I moved over slightly to the right.

A neighbor has rocks on that side of the road, partially exposed from underground, at the edge of their driveway. I accidentally drove over them, and ended up getting both flat tires on the passenger side. I also sustained damage to one of my rims, and had to replace that.

Old Branchville Road was beautifully repaved last year, but the double yellow lines were not replaced. We have always had them on our road.

Because they are not there, there have been many times that cars have passed each other a bit too closely, as our road has many curves, and one cannot see another car approaching until they are too close to each other.

Had the double yellow lines been replaced, there would not be close calls between passing cars, and I would not have sustained $1,700 damage.

I am calling on our town to please replace these double yellow lines, so no more accidents like mine, or worse, will occur.

Gina Maira

Old Branchville Road, May 16