Letter: Obamacare requires some corrections, not obliteration

To the Editor:

Republicans have been unable to pass their badly structured Health Care Bill.  

I addressed this problem in The Press on March 30.

Their party that captured all levels of national power is now a mixture of old-fashioned fiscal conservatives (like Susan Collins), radical populists (like Steve Bannon) and some white-supremacists (like Jeff Sessions) who want to destroy everything a black president might have done.  

Obamacare does require corrections though its troubles are exaggerated.  

When will a well-known Republican like McCain decide to sit with sensible Democrats and fashion a bill that can draw votes from both parties and put this chaos behind us? What are the real differences between the two parties?  

The Republicans want to save tax money by reducing support for those suffering poverty.  

The Democrats in the last administration sought to save money by reducing our vast expense for a dominant military presence and to raise some taxes on those who are very wealthy to pay for increased funds for health care for the poor (Medicaid). Both the House and Senate health care bills cut Medicaid very very heavily leaving an inadequate pool of money for the federal government to help States with severe numbers of people requiring healthcare.  The saved tax money will go mostly to remove the tax increases imposed by Obama.  

This is the “non-negotiable” point for Democrats since it transfers wealth from the poor to the rich.

Why is this big difference of opinion causing so much trouble?  

More than 200 years ago help for the poor was small and it came largely from religion (tithes, another form of taxes in those days) and from nobility. That is no longer available and fiscal conservatives have a hard time agreeing to let taxes fill the gap.

So it seems to me that Obamacare is not sinful. Call it Trumpcare, or Ryancare if you prefer, and support Medicaid financially because the poor need help and religion cannot provide it.

Walter Slavin