Letter: Nothing stands out in Ridgefield’s food scene

To the Editor:

The other day I had a craving for a bacon and egg on a roll. You can get many of them in Ridgefield, none worth looking for — all very mediocre. No one takes pride in their bacon and egg sandwich.

Want a really great bacon and egg sandwich on a roll? Try Daily Provisions on 18th in New York City.

The same goes for a burger — all fair to poor in Ridgefield. Not one stands out as a special blend with enough fat and flavor that you can say that was a real great burger. You have to drive to the Whelk in Westport for a decent burger.

Fried chicken — nowhere to be found in Ridgefield.

For a really good steak, you need to go to Washington Prime in Redding.

You get the picture.

Come on, man! With all these restaurants, let’s step it up.

Charlie Glassman

North Street, May 19