Letter: Not on Route 7

To the Editor:

We’d like to address facts about the proposed Ridgefield Little League ball field not mentioned in the public discussion to date.

The site for this field at Route 7 and Simpaug is small and so constrained that one side of the property is completely exposed and very close to Route 7. This length includes the spectator and services area, a team bench and bullpen.  

Per our measures from plans at the Town Hall,

  • The picnic area and a bullpen are closer to heavy traffic on Route 7 than first base is to home plate
  • The left field bleachers are as near to traffic on Route 7 as the catcher would need to throw to reach second base.  

Over 1,700 vehicles an hour pass here during peak weeknight commute times per Connecticut DOT — that’s a vehicle every two seconds. This means an extremely heavy volume of tractor-trailer, fuel truck and commuter traffic passing very close to an area filled with children and families. It also means a dangerous situation for vehicles exiting the park onto Route 7 — one that has resulted in serious and deadly accidents in the past, including the devastating 2005 fuel tanker explosion.

Please consider the risks of adding cars and pedestrians to this area, as well as the risks of a site that will easily distract drivers on Route 7. Imagine the experience of sitting in the bleachers or picnic area while seeing and feeling traffic speed close by. Yes, we all want great fields for our kids, but we should have zero tolerance for the risks of this proposed plan.    

Please contact the Ridgefield Planning and Zoning Commission and let them know that the Little League field should be located elsewhere.

Tim and Jennifer Keyes