Letter: No one dreams of living next to a bed-and-breakfast

To the Editor:

A bed-and-breakfast is something we never planned living next to. Making the decision to move from lower Westchester to Ridgefield was easy. Purchasing a home where the hustle and bustle of commercial property was right around the corner was never in our dreams. All the times we visited Ridgefield it felt like a perfect solution; beautiful homes and scenery yet far enough away from commercial property. After looking at many homes we found the perfect house for us on Hobby Drive. Our small three-street neighborhood was quiet, peaceful, full of families, and just what we were looking for. Well, that was true until Front Porch Farms, a short distance from us on 47 Circle Drive, decided to apply for a special permit to operate their home as a B&B.

A B&B is a commercial business we do not want live next to, and never expected we would be forced to live next to one day. Having small children who play outside in the yard, love to ride their scooters and drive in their small battery-operated cars on the streets — it’s terrifying knowing that there may constantly be strangers in and out of our small neighborhood. Today it is comforting knowing that when we walk the streets we see the same familiar faces — faces who know our children and make our neighborhood home.

We are now faced with the prospect that our children will constantly be exposed to people whom they do not know, who may try to interact with them, and who may be dangerous. Unsettling is the only word to describe the uncertainty we may be faced with if this special permit is granted.

Claudia Pacifico

Hobby Drive, Oct. 8