Letter: No need for speed

To the Editor:

“Let’s move traffic faster thru town.” Who came up with that idea? Think about it. Ridgefield is already a shortcut for all those “passers thru” on their way to someplace else … not Ridgefield. So let’s turn Route 35 (downtown) into a shorter shortcut so we can invite more “passers thru” to use our town as an even quicker “shorter shortcut”.

“Yea, they’re realigning the lights in Ridgefield so you can make it through even faster. I use to go out 84 to 684 but now … with the realigned lights … I’m cutting thru Ridgefield on my way someplace else.” See anything wrong with that picture? If you’re coming to Ridgefield … to enjoy Ridgefield … or shop Ridgefield … you’re not concerned with how long it takes to get thru town … and if you are a resident going from one side of town to the other, you already know how to get around town, without going thru town.

Easy, convenient parking is what is needed … and as I read thru the proposal there are plans to eliminate some of the parking directly on Main Street with “bump outs.” That will encourage more shopping on Main Street … not!

And I feel for those poor deprived drivers who will now “whip” thru town, not stopping for red lights, who will miss the opportunity to gaze into the windows of our shops and businesses who pay those exorbitant rents to be on Main Street or to see our families; kids; and pets enjoying a stroll on Main Street … why many families … including my family … move to Ridgefield!

Please, can’t we find a better way to spend tax dollars?

Tom Beck

West Mountain Road, Sept. 15