Letter: My neighbor can open a bed-and-breakfast? Hooray!

To the Editor:

Based on the facts that I know, a wonderful couple is looking to use two of their four bedrooms to open a bed-and-breakfast in their charming neighborhood. The guests would enjoy their stay and come to our town to support all sorts of businesses. That requires money spent to increase the value of a home within a neighborhood and money spent by guests in town that lowers the property taxes we all pay.

The regulations are very strict to operate a B&B in Ridgefield, which is why many Airbnb listings were closed down and have not opened legally. They consider safety, among other things. While I understand the desire to want to protect our children from strangers, our children are surrounded by them every day — contractors, pizza delivery, new neighbors. The best thing we can do as parents is to teach our children about safety, not scare them with stories of B&B monsters.  

The kind of people that would stay at a B&B should be welcomed and not feared. B&Bs are usually the most well-kept homes in the neighborhood, adding character and charm.

As a longtime resident I fully support the Savocas’ application and would welcome the same in my neighborhood. Let’s all consider the facts over fear as we make decisions about appropriate commercial use of residential properties that have no negative impact on neighbors and contribute to the ongoing vibrancy and economic development of this wonderful town. Let’s all show we care about our neighbors and Ridgefield.

Carol Ann Wharton

Walnut Hill Road, Oct. 1