Letter: My 30-day observations on President Trump

No. 1 People with certifiable mental illness can buy guns again.

No. 2 If you add one regulation, you have to remove two regulations.

No. 3 Blocked U.S. entry to visitors from seven Moslem countries identified by the Obama administration as dangerous “until we can figure out what the hell is going on.” Nope.

No. 4 Withdrew from TPP.

No. 5 Replaced National Security Advisor with a grown-up.

No. 6 Nominated a Conservative for SCOTUS.

No. 7 Authorized the pipeline (to be built w American steel pipes).

No. 8 Wait for it … Resolved the tranny bathroom question.

Antagonized Mexico. Done

Antagonized China. Done

Antagonized European Union/NATO/England/Germany/Sweden. Done

Antagonized the Pope. Done

Antagonized the Free Press. Done

Antagonized the Legal Community. Done

Antagonized State Voter Registration Boards. Done

Antagonized Immigrant Community. Done

Antagonized Moslem allies. Done

Antagonized Intelligence Community. Done

Antagonized the Environmentalists. Done

Undercut the Secretary of State. Done

Hold lots of Meetings. Done

Kissed up to Russia. Done

Threaten an arms race. Done

Backed off Mexico. Done

Backed off China. Done

Backed off NATO. Done

Backed off Intelligence Community. Done

Backed off Russia. Done

Not Done:

Develop secret plan to wipe ISIS off the face of the globe. Waiting

A plan to produce new manufacturing jobs. Waiting

Develop a policy for Tax Reform. Waiting

Replace ACA. Waiting

Increase Coal mining. Waiting

Trade negotiations with anyone. Waiting

Program to Clean up Inner city crime. Waiting

Improve Education. Waiting

Produce an infrastructure plan. Waiting

Build the Wall. Waiting

Unify the Country. Waiting

But, hey, it’s just the first month and I’m willing to give the guy a chance.

Jan Rifkinson