Letter: Misinformation about guns

To the Editor:

In response to George Cohan’s letter to The Ridgefield Press Feb. 8, 2018: George, as you know your statement, “a sale at a gun show is considered a ‘private sale’” is incorrect. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has reported that between 50% and 75% of the vendors at gun shows had Federal Firearms Licenses (FFL). All FFL holders are required by law to perform background checks of all buyers and record all sales regardless of venue i.e., gun shows. Private sales: At the end of 2017 31 states did not require background checks for a sale of firearms by private individuals and 19 states did require background checks for some or all private firearm sales.

Most firearm purchases go through a FFL.

George, your ballistics at the muzzle with a comparison:                             

  • AR-15 .223 (Cartridge); 3240 (velocity (FPS)); 1282 (energy(Ft.lbs.))
  • Handgun: .44 (Cartridge); 1250 (velocity); 729 (energy)
  • Sporting rifle: .284 (Cartridge); 2860 (velocity); 2724 (energy)        

The muzzle energy is 1.76 not 3 times the handgun.

George, you used San Bernardino and Orlando, both terrorist attacks, as examples then asked the question “if a law-abiding citizen had a gun, could they have made a good snap judgement ……” In Orlando, the situation lasted over two hours and, in Aurora, the theater was “a gun free zone”.

TV station KMGH in Denver reported the shooters psychiatrist, Lynne Fenton of the University of Colorado, told colleagues in June that he could be potentially dangerous to others, but before any action could be taken he began the process of dropping out of the university.

George, you have convinced me of one thing: you and your party and friends have the same agenda: ban the civilian ownership of firearms.

Joseph J. Trench

Ascot Way, Feb. 12