Letter: Michael Nardone was an inspiration

To the Editor:

Shortly after moving back to Ridgefield in 2003 we noticed a spry older gentleman out walking every day, rain or shine. We dubbed him “Our Inspiration.” Whenever our children would see him they would yell, “Mom, Dad, there is your inspiration,” which was a prompt to get out for a run. To our good fortune, we soon met Michael Nardone, where else but out on the street, and we proudly told him his nickname.

However, true to his character, he deftly moved the conversation to us and our family.

For years, Michael would pick up the conversation where it had left off.

After a chat with Michael, one would have a smile on their face, feeling good and no doubt chewing on whatever pearl of wisdom he imparted.

We came to appreciate that Michael’s inspiration far exceeded fitness. He was a man who loved his family, lived his faith, and maintained an intellectual curiosity. He treated all with respect, genuine interest and kindness.

Michael Nardone, an inspiration!

Mimi and David van Wees

Wilton Road West, Nov. 27