Letter: Maxine Waters should be ignored

To the Editor:

Both on a local and national level, some have called President Trump everything from a psychopath, to a liar, to a dictator. Some are already calling for impeachment.   

While I can agree that the President might over do the tweets, the hate and animosity go beyond the pale.   

It occurred to me that perhaps we should look at those doing the attacking. People have the right to complain; however, the old quote of those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones might apply.   

One of those in constant attack mode is Congresswoman Maxine Waters.   

Here are some facts about Congresswoman Waters; she referred to the LA riots as a rebellion. She praised Fidel Castro and said that he was right to grant asylum to convicted cop killer Chesimard, in that she was a political activist who was escaping persecution. She said the following to oil company executives that she “would be about basically taking over and the government running all of your companies.”  

Watters was also investigated by Congress as she helped steer bailout money to One United Bank and failed to disclose that her husband owned One United Stock, and used to be a board member. There was a three-year investigation that concluded that she did not technically violate any rules, it was a close call.   

They did however give her grandson and chief of staff a slap on the wrist for continuing to lobby for special treatment. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington rated her as among the most corrupt members of Congress.  

This organization receives funding from George Soros, not exactly a conservative stalwart. There are other examples of influence peddling involving her husband and other lobbyists. But the space allotted does not permit me to give more examples.  

My final words: When she rants on CNN or MSNBC, has either network ever asked her about her record? I think we know the answer.

Dick Moccia