Letter: Marketing group seeks folks to help tell the ‘Ridgefield story’

To the Editor:

There is a wonderful movement happening in Ridgefield and in other places across the USA. It may be a bit of an “American Renaissance” and it’s occurring in many towns and small cities that have chosen to revive themselves by promoting their individual community assets for all to enjoy — not only incentivizing visitors, but educating their own residents, too.  

Commonly, these efforts are often led by residents, local entrepreneurs and business leaders who are civically minded. It’s a great privilege and reward when citizens become active in town life, sharing their resources and encouraging others into a like-minded philosophy.  

The industries that drive Ridgefield forward have clearly become the arts and dining community. Our town fathers carefully created and we continue to preserve a community that supports a walking pathway to many venues, restaurants and commercial districts. This forward-thinking layout allows pedestrians and their families a very pleasant way to enjoy the open air and experience all that Ridgefield has to offer in the way of arts, culture, restaurants, shops, parks, and open spaces.

Those of us involved in and supporting our community initiative, inRidgefield, have agreed that it’s the ideal time to collaborate and package our community in order to tell its story. As one who is spearheading this project, a goal of ours is to support and grow the many venues, organizations and businesses that many of us enjoy and frequent. If you are a donor to one or more of our town treasures, our goal is to add value to your “investment.”

Ridgefield is a town so many love and admire. Working together is the way we can help create and maintain a strong and vibrant local economy that benefits everyone — homeowners and businesses alike. We’d love to hear from you and work together to tell the “Ridgefield story” for residents and other audiences beyond 06877.  

To learn more, reach out to www.inRidgefield.com.

Wayne A. Addessi

Founder, inRidgeifeld LLC