Letter: Marijuana is a dangerous, powerful drug

To the Editor:

Connecticut is in real danger of becoming the next state to legalize recreational marijuana. Bills in the state House and Senate have been introduced to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Connecticut. I am 27 years old and describe myself as a progressive liberal. Many of my fellow millennials are infatuated with the idea of legally getting high. I see marijuana for what it is, a dangerous and powerful drug. Contrary to popular opinion, marijuana is not harmless. The New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd detailed her terrifying experience after she ate a legally obtained marijuana candy bar in Colorado. Legitimate health care professionals who are not being paid by the marijuana lobby widely agree that marijuana should not be legalized for recreational use. It is the government’s responsibility to protect the people from harmful drugs. Instead, many Connecticut lawmakers want to profit from this powerful and harmful drug and create a big marijuana industry similar to the big tobacco industry. I was thrilled to read that Gov. Malloy opposes the legalization of recreational marijuana. The governor pointed out that lawmakers in Colorado regret legalizing recreational marijuana. Despite his opposition, Gov. Malloy has not promised to veto any bill legalizing recreational marijuana. I encourage anyone in Connecticut who is concerned by the prospect of legalizing recreational marijuana to do as I have done and write to Gov. Malloy asking him to veto any bill that legalizes marijuana for recreational use in Connecticut.

Nathan Shapiro