Letter: Make the sewer use fee fair

To the Editor:
Three months ago, the town voted approval of funding to revamp the waste water treatment plant. Funding being paid for out of the “general fund” and the “sewer use (usage) fee” (and hopefully grants). I have yet to hear or read any proposals by the town to address the absurd inequity of the “sewer use fee.” This inequity will increase astronomically in the near future. By definition this service is a public utility (could it become a cooperative utility?) and like many public utilities is a “natural monopoly.” Also by definition, these “natural monopoly” utilities have government oversights and regulations. How did the town’s “sewer use fee” get established, and who oversees the fee to protect the consumer? Being a monopoly, are there antitrust issues? This is the only public utility we pay for that is not based on quantity used, though the term “use” is part of its title. The town must establish a way to measure the amount of waste water treated for each person or unit, and establish a fair and responsible usage price for the consumer (similar to other public utilities like gas, water, electricity, etc.). Let the town know that you want the “sewer use fee” made fair.
John West
Abbott Avenue, Feb. 8