Letter: Make America safe

To the Editor:

I was one of many on Saturday, March 24, attending one of the 800 “March for our Lives” groups  advocating against gun violence. After so many senseless tragedies in this country in schools, movie theaters, churches, and concerts, young people were making their voices heard for a safer America. I was inspired and impressed by the young people who spoke out and were so articulate, thoughtful and impassioned. It gave me hope for our future.

Sensible gun laws are not a Democratic/Republican issue; they are a life/death issue.

Yes, the Second Amendment gives us the right to own guns. However, all people, gun owners and non-gun owners, have the right to be safe. Applying sensible gun laws does not negate Second Amendment rights. I was taken by one of the signs of one of the marchers which read:

     21st century weapons

     18th century law

If people are such strict constitutionalists, then people owning guns should only possess muskets (not AR 15s).

One young person told a story of a fourth grader who pleaded with her mother for a new pair of sneakers. It seems her sneakers had sparkles and flashers when she walked. She was fearful that if a shooter came into her school, she would be easily targeted. Is this the country we want for our children when we are capable of making it safer?

To those who claim the answer to gun violence is more guns, I say that is totally illogical. If we follow that reasoning, then why not arm all countries with nuclear weapons? Would having more nuclear weapons really make us safer? Clearly the U.S. would not be so engaged in denuclearizing North Korea or restraining Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb if more weapons made us safer.

It is time to put partisan politics and tribalism aside and make America safe!

Marilyn Gordon

Walnut Grove Road, March 26