Letter: Make America great

To the Editor:

Civics 101 and American History inform us that propertied white men created the Constitution in 1787 with provision of an Electoral College, of propertied white men, designated by state legislatures of propertied white men to choose a President who would be a propertied white man. The said state legislatures would choose a U.S. Senate of propertied white men. States rights guaranteed local tyrannies over slaves (non-white) and then, second class citizens for another 150 years. Propertied white men would tyrannize over “their” women. Property qualifications for the franchise secured the plutocracy.

The nation moved toward a democracy based upon one citizen/one vote committed to achieving equal rights and justice for all citizens. What has made America great is the continuing struggle: the end of slavery; then, the end of legalized segregation by race; the enfranchisement of women; the end of property qualifications for the franchise; recognition of equal rights under the law regardless of sexual orientation.

In the last two decades there has been serious retrogression. Gerrymandering in the states, new voting qualifications based upon false claims of widespread voter fraud but really intended to reduce the vote of the poor and the non-white, the debasing of our politics by special interest lobbies, a deluge of cash into election campaigns upheld by the Supreme Court in “Citizens United.”

Now we have the spectacle of separating children from their parents to dissuade desperate people from seeking a better life on the false claim that our borders are being overrun by drug dealers, gang-bangers, and human traffickers.

Let’s renew our struggle to make America truly great!

Daniel C. Hudson

Silver Spring Park, July 12