Letter: Main Street has become monster truck rally

To the Editor:

One of the most pleasurable experiences that my wife and I discovered when we moved to Ridgefield, was sitting outside on Main Street, enjoying a cup of coffee and conversing with residents and enjoying the parade of dogs and children. Sadly over a period of time, the enjoyment has been dimmed, as our version of Main Street America, has now become a version of a monster truck rally.

The incessant roar of trucks gearing up or gearing down, and often speeding, at times makes conversation almost impossible, not to mention the emissions fouling the air. There is no doubt that the increased traffic is due to several factors. The DOT work at 102 in Branchville, and trucks trying to avoid backups on 7 during normal drive times. The 102 work will also show a new route to both cars and trucks that they may not have been aware of previously. We know  Route 35 is a state road, and we cannot stop trucks from using it. Our police periodically will use scales to check if the trucks are overweight, and are properly registered. but it would be impossible to do that on a daily basis.  

What then are our options?  

They appear to be limited. Perhaps a meeting with DOT to ask them to do some traffic counts on the number of trucks rumbling thru our streets, the placement of “No Thru Truck” signs which while hard to enforce, might discourage some of the traffic.  

From my observation, Ridgefielders are pretty innovative, perhaps others have some ideas of how to deal with this problem. We all need to ensure that our Main Street remains a street and  not become a highway.

Dick Moccia

Highcliff Terrace, Aug. 27