Letter: Main Street construction is a concern for all

To the Editor:

We encourage all residents and businesses to attend the public informational session, March 22 at the town hall annex (near the Playhouse). The DOT will present Concept 5a. From what we understand and are concerned for is that this Main Street road work plan and that it has been “preliminarily agreed upon.” The DOT will be receptive to hearing further comments that evening.

We believe Main Street (CBD) needs a different effort than what is being proposed along with more time to discuss.

A plan for Main Street should be focused on the safety and pleasure of homeowners, residents, visitors and more, the beauty of the street, and the success of our Central Business District.

Our concerns:

  • The proposed Prospect and Main Street intersection realignment could encourage unsafe speed through this very busy pedestrian gateway intersection while vehicles cross over and enter and exit the CVS parking lot.
  • Any loss of parking along Main Street.
  • The potential removal of the loading area and the loss of parking spots in front of our property at 387 Main Street and other businesses in this area would negatively impact pedestrians and businesses.
  • The length of time this major construction project would disrupt traffic through town for many months and maybe years will have an adverse impact on commerce and community.

Our recommendations:

  • Place traffic officers on the street during rush hours.
  • Save $3 million.
  • Synchronize traffic lights.
  • Create a pedestrian-focused beautification plan for the entire Central Business District (CBD).  
  • Planting plan and technology enhancements such as free wi-fi on central streets and a solar and or other energy efficient enhancement program.

What Ridgefield really needs is a people-centered plan that will attract folks here to support our many arts and culture programs, restaurants and shops by enhancing the safety and personal experience for all.

The Addessi Family

Main Street, March 12