Letter: Local Democrats have used Trump-like tactics in campaign against Frey

To the Editor:

As a lifelong Democrat, I’m saddened by the aggressive campaign among some fellow Democrats to frame John Frey as a corrupt Trump-supporting extremist. They employ tactics pulled straight from Trump’s own playbook, such as using old photographs of John before his radical weight-loss, abusing physical appearance as a political tool. I hate to see my party dragged through the gutter; I hoped Michelle Obama’s advice to take the high road would find welcome ears.

This approach also distracts Ridgefielders from what truly matters to them. One of the more sickening recent developments of our national politics is the tendency of the political elite to spend profusely to shape the national debate around emotionally sensitive topics like transgender bathrooms or school-prayer, only to ensure that issues like tax policy and judicial philosophy, which are fundamental yet more politically mundane, are neglected by the voters and thus can be advanced without protest. This cynical, undemocratic ploy to distract voters is bleeding into American politics at every scale— even in Ridgefield. Elections are falsely framed as bellwethers for the national mood, and Americans are left believing that things like school board elections are somehow meaningfully tied to the national debate on immigration. I guess my point with all this musing is to ensure that Ridgefielders don’t forget to make their decisions within the framework of local and state issues which truly affect them.

That’s where John comes in. He’s a guy who knows exactly what matters to Ridgefield, and makes his case for office on such limited grounds. John ignores political trends, focusing instead on representing his district with fidelity. I hope that Ridgefielders can join me in picking John for how well he serves this town, and limiting the expression of our dissatisfaction with national politics to our votes in federal elections.

Chris Patterson

Canterbury Lane, Nov. 5