Letter: Lights hurt wildlife

To the Editor:

According to an article on the International Dark Sky Association’s website, light pollution and artificial light — like the 40-foot towers proposed for the winter “club” — trick nocturnal animals into believing night is day, often with disastrous consequences.

It can disrupt countless vital behaviors, including mating, migrating, navigating, reproducing, finding food, sleeping, and self-defense. It can be deadly for various species of birds, frogs, fireflies, and plants.

And it can impact coyote populations, leading to an overpopulation of prey animals like mice and deer and causing “a disastrous effect on agricultural crops and disease infestations in human populations.”

Mice and deer? As in the most common originators of Lyme and carriers of the ticks who then transmit the disease to humans? Hmm.

If the absurdly high lights proposed for a property next to the Peaceable Refuge can increase the number of Lyme disease cases in Ridgefield, is it really worth the risk?

Laura Liberti

Peaceable Street, Nov. 15