Letter: Letters against utility merger should be submitted promptly

To the Editor:

We are writing this to share our concerns about the proposed merger of Eversource Electric with our Aquarion Water Co.

This is currently being considered by PURA (Public Utilities Regulatory Agency).  

The docket number is: #17-06-30.  

We have submitted our letter of protest to PURA for this acquisition by Eversource and want to encourage other utility ratepayers to do the same. Eversource charges among the highest electric rates in our nation, and we could only expect increases in water charges should they take over that utility. Eversource is not friendly to our environment with all the chemicals they use to control foliage around their power lines, leaching into our water sources!  

Sen. Toni Boucher wrote to us that PURA may make a decision by the end of December, so it is critical that email and letters of protest be submitted promptly.  

The PURA email address is PURA.executivesecretary@ct.gov.  

Their U.S. mailing address is PURA / Att: Exec. Secretary Geoffrey Gaudiosi / 10 Franklin Square / New Britain CT 06051.  When writing to PURA make sure to use the docket number #17-06-30.

Raymond L. and Catherine A. Sementini  

Old Wagon Road, Nov. 16