Letter: Let’s keep Ridgefield the best kept secret around

To the Editor:

Remember when we were little and played in the streets with our friends, playing man-hunt and Wrestlemania on our front lawns and throughout every neighbor’s backyards? We climbed trees and got dirty and scraped our knees and played until the street lights came on. Life was so good, so safe. I searched for a neighborhood like that for my kids, one that was filled with love, life, laughter and that good old-fashioned cheesy-ness we all longed for. I found that in Ridgefield. We all did. We live here because we can smell that same scent in the sweet summer air that we knew as kids, while we ran aimlessly through all of our backyards, laughing and playing until our stomachs hurt. We all moved here for the quintessential character that permeates this neighborhood. No strangers or transients frequent this town; we are purposefully away from the hustle and bustle from people we don’t recognize. This life we sought out and built for our children is being threatened by a B&B seeking to open in Ridgefield now. That safety you feel when your kids roam free on the block and walk to/from the bus, is being threatened. Our children will now be passed in cars on the block and on foot in the street, by people none of us knows. All it takes is one bad person that came to stay at your neighbor’s B&B that hurts our children or property. It could happen by anyone, but the chances are drastically increased if transients are on our block more than you bargained for. Who cares if we have their license to catch them after? The terrible deeds already been done. Fight for our kids’ safety on 10/17/2017, and the character of our neighborhoods so Ridgefield can remain the best kept secret around.

Denise Santangelo, Esq.

Circle Drive, Sept. 25