Letter: Let’s get the plan right this time

To the Editor:

Are we going to blow it again?

Our Plan of Conservation and Development, which we are required to update every 10 years, should entail a broadly inclusive visioning process. Instead, our approach has been perfunctory and minimal. The plan should articulate a clear vision for Ridgefield’s future. Instead, it has been vague and unimaginative. And instead of a road map, it has left us with a bland and fairly useless list of bullet points.

State statute invites towns to form committees and engage the community deeply — and many other municipalities do just that. Some go as far as forming plan implementation committees. But not us. Ridgefield has traditionally settled for a small survey and a single public workshop.

With our town increasingly congested and nearly built out, we should seize the opportunity afforded by the upcoming planning process. If we don’t have a smart and comprehensive plan for the future, our current ad hoc, willy-nilly approach to planning will ruin us.

I urge the Planning and Zoning Commission to take its responsibility seriously. Form multiple planning committees. Engage the public — and the public imagination. And, when the plan is complete, let’s form a multi-disciplinary plan implementation committee. Let’s do it right this time around.

Dave Goldenberg

Seth Low Mountain Road, July 14