Letter: Less traffic congestion enhances safety

The following letter was written to Michael Calabrese, engineer at the state’s Department of Transportation, and submitted to The Press as a letter to the editor.

I am a 30-year resident of Ridgefield and offer the following on the state’s proposal for improvements to our Main Street. I would hope, in addition to all the safety concerns that you are addressing, that you consider traffic congestion as a priority as well. And if there is less traffic congestion, safety is enhanced.

In my view, the only way to ease traffic flow in Ridgefield is to discourage through traffic by encouraging it to go elsewhere. There is no reason a big rig going to Danbury has to go through the center of Ridgefield. There is no reason commuters from New Canaan, Stamford and Westchester have to go through the center of Ridgefield.

My suggestion would be to create a right-turn-only lane at the intersection of Main Street and Route 102 sending through traffic to Route 7 where it belongs. Add signs indicating the way to Danbury and I-84, as well as signs indicating straight to downtown Ridgefield only, through traffic prohibited. Then enforce it. And do something similar heading south.

Please do not encourage more traffic to the center of town by “improving” traffic flow. Rather, discourage it, by slowing it down, for the safety of drivers and pedestrians, and it will help our local businesses. Through traffic will get the idea soon enough.

Jeremiah S. Miller Esq.

Silver Hill Road, April 6