Letter: Legislators didn’t talk about state problems enough at forum

To the Editor:

I read with interest the comments of Bethany Agliardo concerning the March 11 meeting with the legislators. I agree with her, the representatives are personable and articulate.  

However, that’s where my agreement ends.  

The meeting was supposed to concentrate on the problems facing our state. Instead, the speakers spent more time reading their statements than asking any questions.  

Though warned by the LWV’s reps to limit to questions, their actions — because of the time limits — kept many people who were there to discuss state issues, and from speaking.  

It was obvious the intent of many at the meeting was to attack President Trump.  

Ms. Agliardo in her letter gave a litany of their votes against many items. She assumes that because she supports certain pieces of legislation, everyone should.

Also, as Senator Boucher pointed out many times, I would liked to have heard ideas on how to deal with mismanagement of our state by Governor Malloy and his allies.  

We know we are rated near the bottom or at the bottom as being in the worst financial shape of the 50 states. Can not blame Trump for that.  

Finally, it should be pointed out that Mr. Ferguson is serving his first term and can not be taken task for voting for any of items mentioned in her letter.

Also, it is safe to say that voters of all parties felt that both Toni and John have done good work, Toni received more votes that any State Senator in all of Connecticut.   

John received 63% of the vote. Inferences are not facts and election results proved that.

Dick Moccia

Parking Authority Chairman, March 20