Letter: Legislators did not hear the loud voice of many

To the Editor:

March 24 was a very special day. It was the day when 838 “anti-gun violence” rallies took place worldwide. It was the day when “gun control” marches took place in 90% of the 435 congressional districts. It was the day when “people against gun violence” gatherings took place in 17 or more Connecticut cities and towns, including East Haddam, Enfield, Fairfield, Guilford, Hartford, New Haven, New London, New Milford, Old Saybrook, Pawcatuck, Roxbury, Shelton, Stamford, West Hartford, and Westport.

The goal of this “anti-gun violence” outcry with its immense turnout was to tell our federal and state legislators to enact legislation to ban the sale of military-style automatic assault weapons, to enforce strict background checks for gun purchasers, to fund research on gun use.

March 24 was also the day when Ridgefield’s three state legislators — Toni Boucher, John Frey, Michael Ferguson — met in the Ridgefield Library to speak with their constituents, many of whom were absent and advocating for gun control. In Stamford, over a thousand people and a program including speeches by elected officials were organized in less than two weeks. It was very disappointing that Ridgefield’s three legislators did not chose to hear a loud voice or even the voices of many of their Ridgefield constituents. What are the priorities of the legislators who represent the people of Ridgefield?

Adele Handlers

Woodchuck Lane, March 26