Letter: Leadership at Scotland is failing students, teachers

To the Editor:

I’ve been a resident of Ridgefield for 12 years. My three children have attended Scotland since kindergarten and this is my last year there as my fifth grader has just graduated. I’m an avid volunteer at Scotland.

My experiences at Scotland have been amazing. It goes without saying that the teaching staff is top notch. My children have thrived there. This school has some of the most loving, warm, caring, passionate, motivated, positive, energetic, hard-working educators and administrators I’ve ever met.

Over the past couple years, I’ve seen a decline in morale. I’ve seen a decline in the wonderful programs that have been running at Scotland and that have made Scotland a special place, and I’ve seen a decline in communication, overall. This shift, I believe directly correlates to the decline in leadership.

Never have I been more frustrated planning an event at Scotland than over the past two years.  Where you’d think there was collaboration and communication between the principal and the chairpersons, there was none. To run a successful program, there needs to be that communication piece, especially from the principal in charge.  A school cannot function properly without it. And so I’ve thought ... if I’m completely frustrated running these events without the support from our principal, is this a reality for our teachers as well? I’ve come to learn that it is a reality for them. There is no communication; there is no support.

Now, as all of us know, there will be a complete upheaval of half the teaching staff assigned to new grade levels, news which was sprung on our teachers without explanation. For me, this is just the icing on the cake in terms of how our principal has successfully contributed to the decline in the wonderful culture that defines Scotland.

I ask that the Board of Education to protect this positive school culture, and do the right thing and strongly examine the mismatch in leadership at Scotland.

The quality of our students education is at risk.

Kristin Boylan

Ridgefield, June 27