Letter: Large solar arrays change the character of neighborhoods

To the Editor:
I am writing in reference to the Canterbury Lane solar arrays article from last week's Ridgefield Press. I attended the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on January 28 and my recollection of the meeting is very different than what was reported.
Almost everyone who spoke was in favor of solar energy. Not just 10 people as reported. Most of the persons who spoke expressed significant concerns that the solar arrays were not in harmony with the neighborhood and did hurt property values. Greg Dellacorte, who was quoted in the article, concluded by saying that “even if you can build such solar arrays, does not mean that you should.” This is hardly an endorsement of the project as was reported. Another speaker mentioned that “none of us would be here if the project was roof-attach solar instead of ground-mount solar.” Roof-attach solar is the customary residential choice.
People move to Ridgefield for the schools, the open spaces and for the look-and-feel of our town. Deploying large arrays changes the character of neighborhoods. In addition, new property buyers will shy away from homes with views of the arrays if comparable homes with no such views are also on the market. And once the value of a few homes is reduced it will depress the value of other homes as well. This is an issue which will effect all of us for which the Town and P&Z should establish regulations immediately.
Marta Alfaro
Main Street, Feb. 4