Letter: Keenan makes Ridgefield proud

To the Editor:

Thank you, Ivanha Paz, for your article on President Obama’s speechwriter, Ridgefielder Cody Keenan. It has been an exciting journey, keeping up with Cody’s career. His job has taken him all over the world, and he has been at the center of history-making moments these past several years. What has been incredibly refreshing to see is that throughout his career, Cody has continued to be the kind, generous, loyal, and humble young man that many of us here in Ridgefield watched grow up. He has included us in some of the highlights, shared stories along the way and graciously responded to questions and queries. He has remained close friends to those he met here in high school, and his wedding was a reunion of those friends and so many more made along the way. Cody will always be who he is and not what he does, and Ridgefield can be proud to call him one of our own!

Barbara Reidy