Letter: Kavanaugh nomination puts a burden on every candidate

To the Editor:

I admit that I am a Democrat and a woman. I admit that I am a fan of justice. I am also idealistic.  I believe that justice is (or should be) blind.

I also believe that credible and serious allegations are pending against Judge Kavanaugh. I witnessed his sneering, his blaming of others, his “Clinton” conspiracy theory (that one had me scratching my head) and his taunting of Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who was polite in the face of his evident misogyny and harassment. His behavior and his temperament disqualify him for the Supreme Court — the place where we turn increasingly for adjudication of social issues.

If this man is confirmed, he could cast a vote affecting women's reproductive rights here in Connecticut. If this man is confirmed, he codifies disrespect for members of any party but his own. If confirmed, he’ll hold a grudge impossible to sequester.

The Kavanaugh nomination puts a burden on every candidate for office, including state representative, governor and lieutenant governor to declare their support or disapproval of Trump policies, his disrespect for women and his disdain for the rule of law.  

This is not a “national issue.”  It is a CT issue.

Rep. John Frey, you are a member of the RNC. You have supported Trump nationally and locally. Do you support Kavanaugh’s nomination? What will you do to support women if he is nominated?

Susan D. Cocco

Branchville Road, Sept. 30