Letter: Karsanidi’s GOP view unintentionally hilarious

To the Editor:

If I were to create a time capsule, I’d have to include Alex Karsanidi’s unintentionally hilarious GOP Viewpoint so that future generations (if there are any) might understand how a buffoon like Donald Trump could be elected president.

“Everyone should be tickled pink,” Karsanidi gushes, “with the job President Trump has performed so far.” Huh? Alienating our allies, appointing extremists to cabinet posts, disseminating lies (when not sending idiotic tweets out into the world) — only Trump’s puppet master Vladimir Putin is tinkled pink.

Karsanidi points to record high stock prices as proof of success, as if what happens on Wall Street has any real effect on Main Street. Why wouldn’t the market rise when billionaires are promised massive tax cuts and environmental regulations are trashed, all at our expense?

Karsanidi goes on to condemn Al Gore for earning money for his work (hilarious coming from a Republican), knowing full well that Gore would earn 10 times as much if he did a 180 and started shilling for Exxon.

As for fracking, I’d say our grandkids will decide if wrecking the environment was worth cheaper fuel costs, but why wait — there were 1,500-plus earthquakes brought on by this destructive practice in Oklahoma last year.

Like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, or the Vichy stooges in 1940s France, Trump and the chumps who support him will not be treated kindly by history.

Chris Belden