Letter: Karsanidi needs to attend sexual harassment seminar

To the Editor:

Alex Karsanidi’s opening remarks in the GOP Viewpoint “… put aside the stories of Russian collusion and sexual harassment nonsense the Democrats are hoping will distract people from the hard facts …” are disgraceful.  

Has he joined the ranks of Donald Trump, congressional Republicans and Democrats, CEOs and other celebrities who seem to believe sexual harassment in the workplace, or any place, is acceptable? Is this the voice of the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee?  

I hope not, and suggest Mr. Karsanidi resign as chairman of the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee. If not, the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee should replace him as chairman.  Mr. Karsanidi also needs to attend the Feb. 16 seminar on sexual harassment for the department heads of the town of Ridgefield provided by the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury.

PA Torzilli

Old Sib Road, Feb. 11