Letter: Junior Police Academy is a fine program

To the Editor:

We very much enjoyed your article in the Aug.t 2 issue of The Ridgefield Press featuring Ridgefield's Junior Police Academy. We somehow had no idea our police force conducted such a fine program over so many years for our town's young citizens.  

The cadets were introduced to many police responsibilities, and got to watch the department's German Shepherd work to uncover drugs hidden in a car. The cadets worked hard and learned a great appreciation for our law enforcement officers.

Our 13-year-old grandson Ivan, who lives in Hudson, Mass., attended a very similar program in his town, and loved the entire week's instruction.  

His town did not have a canine officer, so they visited a neighboring town where they watched three trained dogs.  

The state police also brought a helicopter to Hudson and the cadets got to closely examine it.  These are truly wonderful instructive programs offered by our police to our very interested young students.

Congratulations to all! Thank you.

Raymond and Catherine Sementini

Old Wagon Road, Aug. 6