Letter: Johnston was a health warrior

To the Editor:

Mr. Robert Johnston of Ridgefield, a health warrior for both Alzheimer’s and cancer, passed away of a brain tumor on Dec. 4.    

Not only did Mr. Johnston greatly impact our community by compassionately running the Alzheimer’s support group in town, he also went for many years into the schools to advocate for Alzheimer’s research and awareness with young children.   

The school children felt so comfortable talking to him about his beloved wife, Stephanie, and the care that she needed. Also going into the schools with Mr. Johnston was Scott Russell, early onset Alzheimer’s patient and friend to the end, as well as myself, an educator and reoccurring cancer survivor.  

In addition to all his work with Alzheimer’s, Mr. Johnston was also an avid communicator in regard to cancer and speaking out, supporting people in any way that he could. I am so proud to have had a close association with Mr. Johnston as there is no finer role model in town for taking a stance when one needed to be taken and reaching out to those most in need in town. Mr. Johnston’s passing will leave many with a real void in their life but I feel that the legacy left by Mr. Johnston will stay with the community for a long time.  

Dr. Darla Shaw

Barrack Hill Road, Dec. 4