Letter: It’s time to mix it up

To the Editor:

Alex Harris’ “Democratic View” in The Ridgefield Press’ May 10 edition needs response, and I’m not a Republican.

A less-than-satisfactory Democratic governor served two terms with a Democratic majority; we face financial shambles. More people move out than move in, there’s little manufacturing, even the doctors leave due to high taxes. Legalized gambling hasn‘t done much; legalized marijuana — wow! Now, they’re down to proposing road tolls, thanks a lot, to make ends meet. Maybe we, the highly educated bourgeois presently ruling this greater NYC colony, have bled blue too long. Maybe our lack of red blood tells a tale.  Maybe we should take a good, hard look down the road — at the north, southeast and southwest sides of Hartford; the east side of Waterbury; the south and east sides of Bridgeport; New Haven, not far from Yale, and any number of the other tertiary wrecks called cities in this state. Cut out Fairfield County from any analysis — the state is almost third world. Do we need a stripper to tell us that “the storm’s a coming?”

Does it make more sense to keep it all blue? Maybe in Ridgefield we are too much the “stuff that dreams are made on.”  

Maybe our relative comfort puts our minds to sleep. Maybe it’s time to wake up. Maybe it’s time to mix it up. Maybe it’s better to “throw all the bums out.” Maybe it’s not, but even a pendulum tells a clock to swing. How about more open minded, unaffiliated human beings, born of the earth, with earthly common sense, willing to practically focus on the basic tasks of governing in a non-confrontational way? Maybe the parties are an illusion that divide us. Maybe November will tell.

John Tartaglia

Danbury Road, May 11