Letter: It’s not just local

To the Editor:

John Frey’s letter to the editor regarding the Kavanaugh allegations was compelling and heartfelt but ultimately limited in its thinking.

He states at the end that what is in the minds of Ridgefield residents are the local, day-to-day things. While I am concerned about those things, I am also concerned about the bigger picture.

My child is seeing the leader of our country, by his words and actions, promoting hatred of anyone who dares to criticize him or who is “different”, whether by sex, religion or sexuality. She sees him calling out the behavior of his enemies, but defending that same behavior in his friends. She sees him speaking and acting in ways her schoolmates are disciplined for, but suffering none of the consequences. She sees the expression of the hatred he encourages in the swastikas on neighborhood streets. Do you really think she can’t make the connection between his behavior and those symbols?

Many Ridgefielders care about more than just the town we live in. We care about the world our children will inhabit long after we are gone. Now, more than ever, we need representatives who are willing to stand up to the hypocrisy, hatred and lack of regard for “the others.” We need representatives who will stand up for the values we share — honesty, compassion, integrity. Because in the end, it all ends up being local.

Jennifer DiLaura

First Lane, Oct. 7