Letter: It’s just the taxpayers’ money

From time to time, our elected officials utilize experts to help them make decisions.  

That’s fine except where we pay large fees for studies that frequently lead us nowhere.  

We do traffic studies, parking garage surveys, “strengthening downtown” studies, and studies that attempt to predict the future number of schoolchildren.  

Although we’ve had a spending freeze at our schools, we did a $85,000 survey on school start times with parents, students and school staff — and the Board of Education didn’t even use the results of it (the survey showed overwhelmingly that those affected did not want to change the start times, but as usual, the squeaky wheel got the oil).  

We don’t want to be like businesses that feel they need to do whatever a consultant says because they paid them for their advice, but let’s stop wasting the taxpayers’ money and exercise better judgment on our own.

Jeff Hansen

Old South Salem Road, Nov. 6