Letter: It’s hard to embrace Halloween as a Main Street homeowner

To the Editor:

My husband and I moved to Main Street exactly eight years ago this Halloween, and at that time I wrote a letter to the editor. I was looking forward to my first Halloween fête on Main Street, but unfortunately it was not the affair I was anticipating. The copper pot we filled with candy and left on front porch was stolen and our pumpkins were tossed off the porch into the hedges.

Eight years later, no matter how hard I try to embrace this holiday, which should be fun and festive, I am still having a hard time. I enjoy seeing the young children dressed in their wonderful costumes, and many are polite with their greetings and thanks, but unfortunately I always find myself picking up garbage strewn across mine and my neighbors yards the following day.

Is it not possible for families, their children (and teenagers!) to come to Main Street and enjoy trick-or-treating and yet still be respectful of our property and our town? It sickens and angers me to see litter strewn everywhere with such disregard.

I keep hoping for change, but it appears to be wishful thinking.

Cynthia Bell-Bucha

Main Street, Nov. 1