Letter: It makes no difference how many rounds a gun holds

To the Editor:

In response to George M. Cohan. Your six-part wish list of gun laws is why I posted that you should not be allowed to propose or institute gun laws.

No. 1: The AR 15 is not a military weapon. It’s a sporting rifle by design. There is not one army or branch of service that issues this weapon. It is configured semi auto by design. Saying it’s a military style says it all. Style is defined as distinct appearance by the dictionary. So you want guns banned because they look mean.

No. 2: Ten-round mags. It makes no difference how many rounds a gun holds if you are a law-abiding person. Virginia Tech shooter used 10-round mags.

No. 3: Every transfer from a dealer requires a background check. Private sales are allowed in certain states.

No. 4: No guns in schools. Funny if you are a legal gun owner why not? Clearly, the bad guys don’t care about that law.

No. 5: No ownership of domestic abuse or restraining order. Better read Line H on the 4473 federal form. It’s already a law. But any restraining order that is not issued by a judge under due process should be against the laws. CT does this without a judges authorization and when implemented there is a 95% return rate on confiscated guns.

No. 6: Stolen gun reporting. The majority of non reported stolen guns are done by straw buyers. People that buy guns for restricted buyers. When caught they claim the gun was stolen. Columbine shooter got his guns from a straw purchase. His girlfriend bought them. By the way, no arrest or jail time for her.

So, in closing, as I wrote before: I do not want anyone like you writing or proposing gun laws.

Tom Falconieri Sr

Limestone Road, Jan. 25